In various stages of creative process we collect—rather accumulate—enormous amount of information. Which information is ‘useful’; how do we find out the true core of our passion? In the workshop “Living Architecture”, I sought to introduce three methods that help answer the questions above. They are, creative writing, group work, and building wearable sculptures that resemble three dimensional billboards, which display stories about the students’ on-going project, Pariser Platz. I gave an artist talk and a brief lecture on wearable sculptures in the morning on the first day. In the afternoon, we worked on a free-writing exercise. Later, the students worked in small groups to share ideas about their free writings. On the second day, the students transformed their written and discussed ideas into wearable sculptures using cardboard either alone or in groups. At first, we experienced a precious hick-up: Unlearn head-thinking! In order to give forms and shapes to ideas, we must learn to play. Be in dialogue with self and materials, build, wear, feel, and perform.

Raumklasse – UDK Berlin

zora hünermann

emir timur tokdemir

sandra stiehler

anna osterberg, jason kittner, moritz kreul

paulina höffner

alex mümmle, lukas graf, wiebke von bremen

meret schmiese

melissa lücking

maxime wijnant

lara nelke

jil schuberth

Photo Credits:
Prof.Gabi Schillig
Jil Schuberth
Ruven Wiegert